I contemplated leaving the original wordpress message,  “This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it. Happy blogging!”, as my first post while I tried to figure out what my first post was going to be about.

I know I want to blog, but what is my first blog going to be about? My first blog has to make a statement, more than “hello world”, my first blog has to make a splash, after all that is in the name of the title. With so many ideas popping up in my head none of them where worthy of being the first blog post. So thats when i turned to my trusty BFF google ( I think you might know this trusty friend of mine??) and searched  about a 100 different variations of “first blog post” to give me some inspiration.

Three hours later, no inspiration smacking me in the face, getting so far off topic (but finding new choc-chip cookie recipes to try) I decided to call it a night and try again tomorrow. Fast forward to today and as I finally sit down for the evening, I turn to my BFF again and I try one last time. I start with the usual “great first blog posts” and “ideas for a first blog” hoping that some bright idea will fall straight into my lap.

Again, a bit of procrastination is happening, I have slightly deviated off topic (again!), I’m flipping through various tabs, checking various social media sites and realising I’m probably not going to get anywhere tonight, I’ll leave it for tomorrow. And thats when it finally hits me (sing hallelujah!) but its not inspiration for a blog post that hits me, its the “excuses” that I’ve been hiding behind. In my search for “first blog post ideas”  I came across the “How I started making full time blogging income” (because somehow in my mind I seem to think, that by hitting the publish button on this blog, I’ll start making millions Kim K style and walk in to work tomorrow and quit my job related to “first blog post ideas”) And thats it hit me.  About half way down the page, just before the inspirational quotes Regina writes “Fortune favors the non-excuse makers. Stop with the excuses.” (light bulb moment!)

STOP WITH THE EXCUSES is what I needed to hear/see.  My excuses so far for this blog have been

1. I’m so busy with work at the moment, I’ll start next week.

2. I don’t want to start anything when I’m going away on holidays soon, I’ll start when I get back.

3. I wonder how _____ has time to blog, I barely have time to get the groceries!

4. Yay I’ve finally started my blog BUT I need the perfect first blog idea to start, so as soon as i think of the perfect first blog post, ill type it up and then start!

They’re just my top for 4 excuses, the list of excuses goes on. So Im going to stop with the excuses and start blogging! What do you know?? Ive turned my whole first post about my excuses… is it perfect? not really, but I think its a perfect start for me 🙂 These excuses have held me back for so long, its time to get real and get going! Now that I have bored you to bits with my first random post about nothing (a bit Seinfeldish I know!) Ill let you go…  You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out what this blog is really going to be about.

Peace out!

(Now to stress about how I am going to sign off, to use my name? not to use my name? … decisions, decisions!)

I would love to hear of any excuses you’ve told your self that has stopped you from starting or doing something. Or am I just the excuse queen?

Just some of the tabs I had open while writing my post!
Just some of the tabs I had open while writing my post!